Walking/Cycling Trails


1) The bike trail remains closed until Tuesday, November 7th, near St-Guillaume Road to continue the Embrun Commercial Park servicing. We thank you for your cooperation.

2) To improve two of our park and rides, repaving will be done starting Wednesday, November 8th until Friday, November 24th at the Embrun Arena and 1st Avenue in Russell. Therefore, the bike path will be closed at Eadie right to Concession road.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this project may cause and we thank you for your understanding.

Between 1898 and 1957, the New York Central Fitness Trail, was used as the main railway between Ottawa and New York. It was purchased in 1979 by the township and converted into the trail and bike path as we know it today. The trail is 7.2 km long and links the villages of Embrun and Russell. It is an ideal location for hiking, cycling, jogging, rollerblading or walking. Other

South Nation Conservation

areas also offer recreational and fitness ideal location to active residents. They are ideal for hiking, family picnics and cross-country skiing. The South Nation River and Castor River also serve as canoe, fishing and kayaking routes.