2018 Paving & Construction Projects


The Township of Russell recognizes the Federal Government through Infrastructure Canada’s Federal Gas Tax Fund allocation. 

The project consists of repaving 11,760 m of existing roads. For the Township, it also means that well-maintained road surfaces improve traffic flow, help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve safety and reduce maintenance costs for boththe municipality and motorists. 

The Gas Tax Fund allocation will be used to improve streets sections in the Township:

    - Forced Rd (from Craig to nature trail), 
    - Route 400 (Between Ste-Marie & St-Andre), 
    - Route 400 (Between MacDonald & Gregoire), 
    -St-Pierre (From St-Guillaume up to North of Route 200) 
    - Ste-Catherine (from Route 400 to Route 500) 
    - St-Jacques (from Carriere to Route 400)


The preparation of the roads will start at the beginning of May and should be completed by mid-July.


The Project is budgeted at a cost of $980,000 and a portion will be funded through Infrastructure Canada’s Federal Gas Tax Fund.  


C0340-18018 - St-Joseph Bridge Rehabilitation
 - New project to rehabilitate the northern St-Joseph bridge

C0340-18017 - Turning Lane for Sportsplex St
 - New project to expand the paved road right lane (westbound) of the existing road to incorporate turning left turning lane